#MillionaireMonday with Thirty-Something Millionaire

Back at it with another #millionairemonday!

Today, we are meeting Cory and Treslyn Roberts from Thirty Something Millionaire. Their goal is show anyone how they can get on the road to be a Thirty-something millionaire, or an any-age millionaire!


Introduce yourselves!

We are passionate about personal finance and maximizing experiences in our lives. This focus on maximizing life experience seems to be rare in the personal finance space. We both work in corporate finance for large companies. Our jobs are centered around financial planning, financial analysis, reporting on company performance, and providing strategic input to help our companies grow and remain profitable.

We both work a lot, so we adopt the mindset of work hard, play hard. Outside of working hours, our time is further restricted by managing a rental property through Airbnb and working on our business, Thirty Something Millionaire.

With all of that going on, we make it a priority to travel and take a lot of mini-vacations. We love exploring the mountains of Colorado, skiing, mountain biking, golfing, and traveling as much as possible. We are avid Formula 1 fans and try to travel to one race each year. Our next planned destination is attending a race in Japan, then touring the country!


When will you hit millionaire status? And how are you getting there?

We are planning it hit the millionaire milestone in less than two years at 33 years old for Cory, 32 years old for Treslyn. Just 695 days away...but who is counting!? Our investment strategy is pretty simple. We max out the gross contribution allowed by the IRS into retirement accounts and invest those assets into target funds that assess risk based on our age. Since age 65 is pretty far in the future for us, we are in higher-risk retirement investments. We track all our returns against the S&P 500 and as long as we are in the ballpark of those returns, we let it ride. Additionally, we both max out other company incentives like stock purchase programs.

A few years ago, we diversified our investment portfolio by purchasing a rental property in Silverthorne, Colorado. We rent out our condo through Airbnb for additional income and then block days for personal use. Apart from traditional investments like these, we have a 15-year loan on our personal house and are aggressively paying it off. We don't believe in any get-rich-quick schemes or any "creative" investing. We invest long-term through low costs instruments and dollar-cost averaging.

We don't believe in any get-rich-quick schemes or any "creative" investing. We invest long-term through low costs instruments and dollar-cost averaging.

If you could share a lesson or advice with others who are looking to achieve millionaire status, what would it be?

Achieving millionaire status is more about changing habits and behaviors than most people would think. The first steps you should take to start on the path to becoming a millionaire are:

  • Do not care what other people think about you.

  • Eliminate wasteful spending that doesn't add value to your life.

  • Get creative in how you approach your passions in life so they cost you the least amount of money possible.

  • After you commit to making these initial changes, you need to build a spending road map (aka a budget) around your new lifestyle and stick to it.

  • Finally, read our book (coming November 6th!) to help you understand how a balance sheet works and how to tweak all your investing activities towards accumulating wealth. Once you learn how to create wealth, get out there and hustle!


What kind of person would have been be a good role model when you were starting on your journey to $1M?

A role model would have been humble and understated. No need for flashy clothes or accessories because they are confident about the net worth on their balance sheet. This role model would talk about all the incredible experiences they have had so far in life and also tell you how they did all this for as little money as possible. We often use the word “scrappy” to talk about our ideals around money. A role model to us would for sure be scrappy. In talking about role models, it is important to mention the importance of surrounding yourself with successful people at a young age.

You know the saying, “You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with?” It’s the truth. Surround yourself with people you want to become and only listen to those with a proven track record.

Anything else you'd like to share?

It's important to save money but it is also important to live your life. We don't believe in restricting your life and waiting for retirement to enjoy the "fruits of your labor." You need to love the life you live today, but you also need to focus on preparing for the future. A laser focus on value spending, only purchasing things that add value to your life, and investing the rest is our chosen route. When you are creative in how you approach the things that add value to your life, you will be amazed at how far you can stretch a dollar!

It's important to save money but it is also important to live your life.

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Introducing #MillionaireMonday! First up, Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias: Filipina Millionaire Producer

Part of my mission as a financial therapist and consultant is helping people feel good about their money. A huge mission of my work is showing diversity in the way money can look.

Too often, people associate the word "millionaire" with an older, white male, or get a mixed-up idea that having money makes them a "bad" or "greedy" person.

This isn't anecdotal; psychological research backs up that many people hold these beliefs. This is the science behind things like “money mindset;” we may be holding onto limiting beliefs such as, “people like me don’t have money,” or “good people shouldn’t care about money.”

This stale image and unhelpful beliefs are why I'm starting a #millionairemonday series: this means showcasing people of color, younger people, women, and non-binary folks. The hope is to represent better the new faces of wealth to inspire others. Research shows that representation matters, and it's my honor to introduce a new series where I'll be featuring millionaires, and soon-to-be millionaires, on select Mondays.

A note on how this worked logistically. I cold emailed and DM'd people I found inspiring and asked them to answer my #millionairemonday questions. I explained who I was and what my mission is with the Mind Money Balance platform, and knew there was a good chance I wouldn't hear anything back. Then I got an email. And a DM. And another email. And on and on. Roslynn and I connected via another amazing Filipina, Anna Marie Cruz of Entrepinayship.

Allow me to introduce Roslynn Alba Cobrarrubias!!


Serial entrepreneur Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias, originally from Walnut, California, has a purpose in life is to help people connect the dots to get one step closer to their goal. Envisioning a world where everyone has the confidence to overcome obstacles and have resilience against their limiting beliefs, her mission is to inspire every person she encounters to eliminate self-doubt, and follow their heart by investing and pursuing what they love.

Roslynn is currently the ABS-CBN Global Head of Music & Talent for media & entertainment conglomerate with over 10,000 employees worldwide. She is helping market artists internationally while overseeing US music platforms like myxTV & myxRADIO. She has produced over 500 live events & editorial programs with artists and brands like Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Drake, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, John Legend, AT&T, Budweiser, Coca Cola & Wendy’s. She previously helped market MySpace Music across the globe, where she spent a decade as the Head of Artist Relations and Integrated Marketing, helping to launch MySpace Latino, Mexico, and the UK. She remained on staff during both sales to Fox for $580M & Specific Media for $35M with Justin Timberlake as an investor.

Roslynn has been named one of Billboard Magazine’s Top 30 Music Industry Professionals alongside Spotify Founder Daniel Ek & Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, The Source Magazine’s Power 30 alongside Diddy and Russell Simmons. She was most recently featured in Forbes, as the Co-Founder/Chief Marketing Officer of mydiveo, the largest network of video resumes in the world, that was acquired for $7.4 million by a top video and programmatic ad network. Through the sharing of talent discovery video profiles known as “diveos,” mydiveo helped artists, individuals, and brands collaborate, and assisted companies like America’s Got Talent, and the White House AAPI find, book and hire talent.

In her spare time, she loves to motivate youth by speaking at events like TEDx, SXSW, Google’s Phil Dev Summit, TFCU, and UCLA, and produce community events like the LA Clippers Filipino Heritage Nights. In her rare downtime, she spends it with her family that she adores in Walnut, CA.

Tell us about hitting millionaire status, when did it happen?

Hitting millionaire status was something unimaginable, especially for someone that is a triple minority, I'm a Filipina, a woman, and 4'11. When it happened, I didn't even realize what happened because I was so busy still working. Nothing really changed for me; I didn't stop pursuing my passions, working hard, or buy anything extravagant. I took a trip to the Philippines for the first time with Apl.de.ap, JoKoy, Liane V., Cassie and other executives from Google, YouTube, etc. It inspired me to do what I am doing now; giving back to my own community. It's funny because when I meet new people, and they read a Forbes article or hear of the "millionaire" status, they usually say, "wow you don't look like a millionaire!" Which I'm not sure what that means or how to take it. I think it means I need to wear more gold chains or stop shopping at Target? LOL! Who knows what that means?!

Hitting millionaire status was something unimaginable, especially for someone that is a triple minority. I'm a Filipina, a woman, and 4'11.

I actually like being under-the-radar and no one really knowing what I do or have. This way, you get to see people's genuine intentions without thinking anyone needs anything from you. What I have to learn more is about saving. I am quick to spend money because I know that it goes out as fast it comes in. Sometimes I want to make things easier like paying for flights or dinners and not turning in an expense report for it.

My mom taught me to save for a rainy day because there are more rainy days than sunny ones. I actually live a more simple life, trading in an expensive sports car for a regular one, so I can use that money on memorable things like awesome vacations or charitable donations. I caught myself early on spending on things I didn’t necessarily need including brand-name items. I love buying more unique items now; items that are sewn or created by local vendors in various parts of the world who use the money to support their families directly. A friend told me, “think of it this way, how much $5K - $10K do for one family in the Philippines versus a new designer bag or pair of shoes?” It changed my perspective on overall spending. It’s great to buy a few beautiful things for yourself but in the long run, where will those material items go when you pass away?

If you could share a lesson or advice with others who are looking to achieve millionaire status, what would it be?

Don't focus on the money. Focus on your purpose. What is your x-factor? What is your God-given talent? What can you use to help other people? Create a social currency from that.

Don't focus on the money. Focus on your purpose . . . Create a social currency from that.

No amount of money can buy genuine relationships, people that will be there when you have no money in your wallet or when you have millions. Wake up with gratitude and thank God for every small blessing, and let the universe take its course, trust the process. (Or "tiwala" as international pop star, Inigo Pascual, would say). At the end of the day, when you are laying in your hospital bed for those last few moments of life, it is not your money that you will take with you. It will be the love and memories that you create with the people around you.

Who encouraged you on your journey to $1M?

My mom is the biggest hustler I know, raising four girls on her own while driving a two-seater Mercedes, having her own office, taking us on Hawaii vacations every year while creating her own work schedule. She was the best role model I know that taught us how to be independent and work for what you want without waiting for others to give it to you. What my mom was able to accomplish coming from a third world country like the Philippines is inspiring and motivating for me daily. To this day, I do everything in my power to try to make her proud and more comfortable for all that she has done for us.

My mom is the biggest hustler I know . . . To this day, I do everything in my power to try to make her proud and more comfortable for all that she has done for us.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I agreed to do this interview not to talk about something shallow like money, but because I believe in your mission and that it will help others pursue and accomplish their goals.

This is why I did this. I realized that my story can help others want to pursue their dreams, even dealing with things I've struggled with like insecurity or anxiety. I did this so someone reading this knows that a 4'11 Filipina, underground Hip-Hop DJ from Walnut, CA can live financially free. Not to buy material things for themselves, but so they have the freedom of time to pursue their mission and purpose freely, and without worry. Because of reaching this point of financial security, I can now solely focus on my new mission to bring our Filipino music and talent to the world stage. Had the course of events been different, I wouldn't have had time to travel the world with our artists and continue our mission to bring Tagalog to the Grammys.

Cheers to many more millionaires for people of color, but most importantly - millions of people shifting to a millionaire mindset to get out of the way of their fears to achieve success.

Isn’t she amazing?! I love Roslynn’s insight, hustle, and dedication to serving her community through the medium of music and creativity. I teared up reading the reason that she agreed to do this interview. Again, we’ve NEVER met, and we have an Instagram friend who connected us. This interview reminds me of the importance of just GOING for things, and Rosylnn is such a great person to embody this belief.

Know someone who would be a great fit for a #Millionairemonday feature? Shoot me an email: lindsay [at] mindmoneybalance [dot] com

Money Mastermind: How to Surround Yourself With Positive People To Uplevel Your Financial Game

There is a saying that you are a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with. But how does that translate to your money? Talking about money can be awkward (hello! that's why I have a job as a financial therapist) but you can find a likeminded group of people to support you in your financial goals. It's a book club-mastermind hybrid, and it is going to level up your money game. In this video, I’ll show you how to search for others who have similar financial goals (often saving, debt repayment, or investing), how to reach out to them, and how to structure your meet-ups to maximize everyone’s time. Watch the video above for all the details.

TIP: If you are somewhere where you are unable to listen to the video (under your desk at work, cough cough) be sure to click on the ‘CC’ button to get closed captioning so you can read along.

Want some activities to use at your Money Mastermind? Grab your FREE worksheets below:

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How to Start an In-Person Mastermind (and Why you Need One)

Have you heard the statistics that 90% of small businesses fail in the first year? Don't let yours be one of them. Are you looking for help with your business that doesn't involve constantly running to google? Good news! There are TONS of small business owners who are full of first-hand knowledge and experience who are looking to connect with people like you! I'll break down what a mastermind is, why you should have one, and why I personally vote for an in-person mastermind whenever possible. Watch the video above for the details, the rundown is below.

  1. Identify people whose businesses you admire

  2. Find people in a similar stage of business

  3. Ensure that the people are close enough to connect with IN PERSON

  4. Reach out to gauge interest! Get comfortable doing a cold-ish email or DM

  5. Create guidelines for the group to keep it productive and positive

// Mastermind Businesses Mentioned

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How to Have a Successful Money Date

If you want to get financially aligned with your partner, you need to be having regular money dates! Couples stressed about the impact money has on their relationship are a large part of my client base. In this video, I break down what a money date is, and how to successfully have one with your other half. These are the exact tips and techniques I use in my financial therapy sessions with clients. Here's the summary, watch the video as I break down each step!

1) Take a Step Back—Look at the history of where your beliefs about money came from

2) Mind your "Always" and "Nevers"

3) Dream Big—Collaborate together on what you want to achieve financially that aligns with your values as a coulple.

4) Look at your Spending

Get on the Same Financial Page as Your Partner

How do you handle it when you are on a different page—financially speaking—than your partner? I see so many clients who are in various phases of getting aligned with their financial relationship. When you are in a partnership where you are on different phases, don’t freak out! I walk through how to talk to your partner about this so you can be #couplegoals. Watch above, or scan through the bullet points below.

  • Own your own money story and remember that money is often emotionally charged

  • Make sure you are on a team—collaborate and agree on goals as a couple. Many couples find having separate or multiple savings accounts helps them visualize their progress towards their financial goals

  • Carve out time for a money date

  • Think long-term. What happens if you don’t make any changes to your finances? What financial goals do you have within the next five years?

What to Do When Your Credit Card is Declined

EEEkkkk! Talk about awkward! What do you do when your credit card is declined? In this video, I break down what you can do in the moment, and what to think about to ensure it doesn’t happen in the future. The bullet points are below:

  • Try a different card

  • Cancel your purchase

  • Run to an ATM—Offer collateral if needed

  • Switch to a debit card

  • Set an alert on your card to ping you when you’ve started charging too much

10 Do's and Don'ts when visiting Amsterdam

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If you are thinking about a trip to Amsterdam or have a trip coming up, you must watch to see what you should, and shouldn't do, to ensure you make the most of your time in the beautiful Dutch city. Locations mentioned/shown listed below:

  • Vondelpark

  • De Pizzabakkers

  • The Breakfast Club

  • Mama Makan (Indonesian rijsttafel)

  • Canal Ring/Red Light District

  • Jordaan Neighborhood

  • The Pancake Bakery

  • Anne Frank Huis

  • Brouwerij't IJ

  • CT Coffee and Coconuts

  • Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

  • Artis Zoo and De Plantage

  • Koffie Academie

  • Zaanse Shans

  • Heineken Experience

  • A'DAM Tower

  • Van Gogh Shop