Helping couples strengthen their relationship by eliminating money arguments

financial therapy for couples and women

You are sick of money taking up so much energy in your relationship

What if it didn’t have to?

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Financial therapy helps you become CEO of your personal finances hand-in-hand with your partner.

You’ll learn to look at money in a positive, strengths-based way.

financial therapy


Hello! I’m Lindsay

I’m here to help you feel damn good about your bank account

And I’m not just talking about the number you see in it, but how those numbers make you feel. I’m passionate about helping women and couples feel at peace with their money because money plays a bigger role in our lives than merely paying the bills. I use financial therapy as a way to address psychological stressors that aren’t typically talked about in the therapy world. I trained as a mental health clinician, specializing in treating anxiety and depression. While I loved the work, I found that money issues would arise frequently. My social work training didn’t equip me to help clients with the psychologically and emotionally-minded side of money. I wanted to harness the safe space that had been created in therapy to keep helping clients with their financial stress.

It’s my mission to open up a dialogue with my clients to talk about their money beyond the dollars and cents. I hope all of my financial therapy clients understand the basics of money, but also feel damn good about how their money is working for them.

We both talked for weeks about how much lighter we both felt after speaking with you. I wish I would’ve known about financial therapy before, but I’m so glad that we were able to connect with you.

—Emily S.

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