Financial therapy helps people think, feel, interact with their money in a healthy and balanced way. Examples of topics covered in financial therapy are below:

  • Creating a plan to keep you from feeling defeated by spending and saving

  • Examining the reason for emotional spending and collaborating on the way to slow or end the behavior

  • Communication to address or prevent financial infidelity (couples)

  • “Workaholic” or wealth obsession concerns

  • Setting financial boundaries with self, friends or family

  • Sudden wealth or inheritance issues

I am not a personal finance specialist, and my approach to finances is not intended to be a substitute for certified financial planning services from a CFP or CPA. In some cases, such as a comorbid mental health diagnosis, financial therapy services may be covered by insurance. Without a thorough intake evaluation, I cannot say whether or not they may be covered. I often advise potential clients to plan on paying for services out-of-pocket. Many people find financial therapy services complement traditional psychotherapy and personal financial planning.

Money Beliefs Package


This package is recommended for couples pre-cohabitation or pre-marriage. It can also be great for couples who are experiencing a change in their lives; a big move, new career, or a child on the way. The first session contains introductions and initial discussion on personal and familial money beliefs and current stressors. The second and third sessions dive deeper into ideas, problems, and troubleshooting (this can be done as a duo or as two individual sessions). The fourth session is three months later which will serve as a check-in on goals and continued strength building.

Four 1.5-hour sessions $850. Additional sessions following the completion of the package are $160/hour

We have both been working on focusing on the financial positives in our life, and I’ve particularly been trying to verbalize how lucky we are to be able to afford the various things in our lives both to help improve on an abundance mindset and to be a good model for our kids. [Therapy] was such a great experience and I feel really good about the steps we are taking and will take to have a healthy financial life.

—Steve S.

Financial Therapy

Financial issues can be uncomfortable to address, but everyone needs a healthy relationship with money in every stage of life. The goal is to have a balanced and healthy relationship with your finances. If you find yourself far from that goal, or don’t know what your goal is, individual financial therapy may be a good fit.

$160/hour for individuals or couples

In the time I started typing this email, I took a call from a prospective client who is requesting to do self-pay. I shared with them that my self-pay fee is [a new higher rate]...and she accepted that! I LOVE that I've found someone that shares my beliefs about charging what I am worth.

—Katie C.

90 Minute 1-Time Power Session

This service is perfect for you if you have one or two specific stressors that you need to hash out but don't feel like you need--or want--ongoing financial therapy. These work best if you are ready to jump right in, are prepared to open up, and are interested in direct feedback. You see me via video for a 90-minute session where we dive right into the emotional barriers you identify around your finances.

$225 Rates increase after August 31, 2019. Available for couples and individuals

Speaking Engagements

I tailor financial talks for a variety of settings. I often add information on self-care, mental health, and psychology to presentations. Past audiences have included people at churches, universities, and middle-and-high schools. I cherish speaking to small-to-medium sized groups of professionals to help them address their financial stressors from an emotional perspective. I don't just lecture; I engage with the audience.

Examples of speaking topics include:

  • How to shift your Money Mindset to Abundance

  • How to Spend and Save in Line with your Values

  • Why your Money Scripts are Hurting You

  • Figuring out Your Financial Foundation

$450/hour, nonprofits may be eligible for a discount.

Have other ideas? Say hello

I'm open to collaborations with others from workshops to podcasts, lunch n'learns to guest posting, please reach out to me to see if we might be able to work together.

You can reach me via email: lindsay [at] mindmoneybalance [dot] com