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Prior to working in financial therapy, I spent over four years as a part of a psychiatric research team. Now in the world of financial therapy, I've found most research that is currently available focuses on older, white males' perspectives of money and finances. In a Consulting Psychology Journal publication on the psychological profile of the wealthy (Klontz, Sullivan, Seay, and Canale, 2015), of the 1,1010 people surveyed for the profile, 94% identified as white, 64% as male, and 68% aged 55 and older. While some information is indeed better than no information, as a social worker, I cannot go along in a field without questioning its inclusivity.

This is where the request comes in.

I'm working with a University of Michigan undergraduate student who is helping me collect and analyze data on diverse populations beliefs about money. I'm looking to get responses to people's financial beliefs; specifically, people aged 55 and under, women, and racial minorities. That being said, the more data I can collect, the better. If you have ten minutes, I'd greatly appreciate your help. The results go straight to the UM student, I will not see any of the results until they have been replaced with surrogate ID codes.

You can fill out the survey here.

Thank you in advance for your help. Please, if you are comfortable doing so, I'd appreciate if you could forward this page to any family or friends you think would be interested in participating in moving the field of financial therapy forward.

Again, the link to the survey is here.

As a bonus, Iโ€™m randomly giving away THREE free financial therapy sessions to respondents. Opting in to the giveaway is optional.