Get on the Same Financial Page as Your Partner

How do you handle it when you are on a different page—financially speaking—than your partner? I see so many clients who are in various phases of getting aligned with their financial relationship. When you are in a partnership where you are on different phases, don’t freak out! I walk through how to talk to your partner about this so you can be #couplegoals. Watch above, or scan through the bullet points below.

  • Own your own money story and remember that money is often emotionally charged

  • Make sure you are on a team—collaborate and agree on goals as a couple. Many couples find having separate or multiple savings accounts helps them visualize their progress towards their financial goals

  • Carve out time for a money date

  • Think long-term. What happens if you don’t make any changes to your finances? What financial goals do you have within the next five years?