How to Start an In-Person Mastermind (and Why you Need One)

Have you heard the statistics that 90% of small businesses fail in the first year? Don't let yours be one of them. Are you looking for help with your business that doesn't involve constantly running to google? Good news! There are TONS of small business owners who are full of first-hand knowledge and experience who are looking to connect with people like you! I'll break down what a mastermind is, why you should have one, and why I personally vote for an in-person mastermind whenever possible. Watch the video above for the details, the rundown is below.

  1. Identify people whose businesses you admire

  2. Find people in a similar stage of business

  3. Ensure that the people are close enough to connect with IN PERSON

  4. Reach out to gauge interest! Get comfortable doing a cold-ish email or DM

  5. Create guidelines for the group to keep it productive and positive

// Mastermind Businesses Mentioned

Think Beyond the Book: Successful Marketing for Aspiring & Self-Published Authors

--Lauren Ranalli

Hold Space Creative

--Monica Kovach


--Ida Rajabian

J Eliza Creative, Career Pivot Coach

--Julie Tobi