Video: Manage Holiday Stress Four Ways

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I'm going to tell you today for different ways that you can manage your stress this holiday season using my cleansegiving technique! If you are more stressed out than you are being able to actually enjoy what's going on during the holidays, stay tuned for my four different ways that you can quiet your stress down and manage your stress levels so you can enjoy this time using cleanse giving.

I'm a financial therapist. I created cleansegiving to help my clients who are struggling with the stress of finances over the holidays. As I worked with my financial therapy clients on this idea of cleansegiving, I realized all people can use cleanse giving whether or not its related to finances.

So, take the opportunity to just take a break from whatever it is that's stressing you out over the holiday season and quiet those negative thoughts. Here are the four ways to manage your stress:

1: Hygge-style

Invite over a few friends, Hygge expert Meik Wiking says 4-6 people is optimal for a Hygge gathering, and get your Danish cleansing on! Hygee is a sense of comfort, togetherness, and well-being that is experienced in a cozy blanket-and-candle-filled environment. Boil a pot of water for tea, have some cookies or cake on hand, and invite your friends over. You can talk about what you'll be letting go of during the cleansegiving season and have lots of safe support.

2: Journal

Write down a few prompting questions when you can carve out a few minutes for yourself. Try the following: what have I assigned to 2018 that is no longer serving me? Have there been any unhelpful statements I've been carrying around this year? Do I have any holiday-resentment pent up? What holiday expectations are getting me into trouble? See what comes up as you write out your responses.

3: Meditate

If talking and writing aren't your style, try a more contemplative practice. How is your breath pattern shifting? What response is your stomach sending you? Are there any sticky or tense areas in your body? Allow the somatic signals to rise to the occasion and invite them to head on out this cleansegiving.

4: Ritualized with Sage

Honoring the rituals of Native Americans, use sage to help symbolize the release of negativity. This practice is called smudging. Smudging is the ritual of cleansing yourself or your space of negative energy. Traditionally, dried sage is bundled and burned. Spiritually, it is the idea of driving away negative energy. Scientifically, burned sage actually changes the molecular structure of air by releasing negative ions which have been associated with a decrease in negative moods. Gather dried sage, often sold in bundles with sweetgrass, and a tray or plate that the sage can sit on and catch ashes. Once you've lit your sage, blow out the flame, so you have a smolder-style smoke. Lifting the sage towards your heart with one hand, cup the other hand towards your body, stirring smoke towards yourself. You can then bring the smoke towards your third eye if desired. Allow this ritual to cleanse the negative energy you don't need. The belief is as the smoke from the sage dissipates; it allows a space of positive energy, abundance, and light into its place.

Now that you have the four different ways to release holiday stress by using my cleanse giving technique I have put together a cheat sheet summarizing these four techniques that you can download and the nice thing about having this cheat sheet at the ready is that cleanse giving these types of techniques work in any situation I'm just talking about using them during the holidays.

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