Updates!! November 2018

Exciting updates mean some *dust* so to speak with my website. I got the official DBA (business speak for this site and name being under my personal LLC) for MindMoneyBalance. Here's what's happening: I'm moving everything MindMoneyBalance and financial therapy-related to one place with one name. Before this move, my email address and YouTube had one name, where my website and Instagram had another, and my Pinterest was hanging out in purgatory.

Why am I doing this? Ease, quite frankly, and less confusion. I'm going to start sending out a bi-monthly financial therapy newsletter (yay!) and have a goal of posting two financial therapy videos per month in 2019. Am I planning early? Definitely. But I know myself, and once I've said something out loud or put pen to paper, I'm much more likely to follow through on my goals.

So there you have it! Hang tight while all of these kinks get worked out.