it's #cleansegiving ya'll

Have you ever said something you thought for sure was a fact only to be told you were wrong? As in, you've been touting around this factoid or phrase for years, and someone else just quickly bursts your bubble? Such as "it's a doggy dog world" ala Phil Dunphy? Well, #cleansegiving is the opposite of that.

I was 110% certain that a non-GMO organic green juice company had coined it. #cleansegiving came about it in an organic way (pun definitely intended). The collaborative I'm a member of, Grove Emotional Health, has each of its members lead a group meeting weekly. I saw my name on the schedule the week after Thanksgiving. Instead of a leftover turkey and potatoes-potluck, I wanted to do something else. In fact, I wanted to do the opposite. I wanted a cleanse. A break. An opportunity to pause in the midst of the holiday season and introspectively reflect on what I could rid. I pitched it to the group, sage optional, and got great feedback. People in the group were open to sharing what they wanted to cleanse themselves of between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

A collaborator asked me afterward where I'd gotten the idea, and I told her it popped into my head. "You should hashtag it!!" Hashtag it I did. I hopped on Twitter and Instagram to be sure I wasn't losing my mind that this wasn't a "thing;" there were a few straggler posts about pomegranate juice (five to be exact) so guess what!? I'm minting it.

If you are on social media, I'd love it if you'd hashtag #cleansegiving and share what you'll be releasing in the coming weeks

Better yet, share and tag a few friends. I'll be giving away a free 30-minute "Unhelpful Money Stories" financial therapy session with yours truly, and the money book I currently can't put down (it's a surprise!) at the end of #cleansegiving season. To enter, follow the easy steps below:

1) Hashtag your photo of #cleansegiving on Instagram
2) Tag a friend
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Contest ends 12/31/18 at 11:59 pm.

Wishing you a peaceful #cleansegiving